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Just keep telling yourself you are free.

Anneliese is the director of the Choosing for Monroe County, New York. Instead of hunting down criminal adults, which is what she’s good at, she’s sending pre-teens with the deviant gene to prison for life.

After twelve peaceful years, there’s a body. And it’s not just anyone, it’s a cop. Anneliese wants nothing more than to track the perpetrator down. She’s suddenly back to what she loves doing—hunting down bad guys.

But as the bodies start to pile up, the list of suspects expands. She is forced to dive into a new dark reality of society and she begins to realize this case was more than she bargained for.



As an author, J. M. first published at the age of sixteen, had a popular poetry blog, published in several magazines, and began working on what would become the Habitual Humanity Series in 2012. She finally took the plunge in 2019 to begin publishing her books. In the writing community, J. M. has organized multiple writing groups including the Next Level Writing Group and The Indie Group, is the founder of the ASPC (Atlanta Self-Publishing Conference), and has taught classes on self-publishing and on writing science fiction.

J. M.’s writings combine several of her passions including people, nature, science, and technology. Within her writing, she loves to combine what she refers to as interesting science with her fears of what our future society might be like. Interesting science, according to J. M., is the possibilities of current science including Artificial Intelligence, personal data, biohacking, genetic modifications, and more.

J. M currently lives in Georgia and enjoys camping and hiking with her husband, sons, and dogs.


Perpetual, Novella 8

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$2.99 ebook

Fortitude, Novella 7

Coming Soon

$2.99 ebook

The Sinister Strand

Keep telling yourself you’re free.

$6.99 ebook

Mother, Novella 6

Bonds will be tested.

$2.99 ebook


The Sinister Strand

Light Spoilers: I really loved the concept for this book. It’s intriguing because it’s just so plausible. The relationship between Anneliese and the Captain unwound slowly, which was nice and fitting for Anneliese’s personality. The Charlie character was well placed and kept me guessing just enough to keep the tension going and the pages turning. I was happy to hear that another book in this series is forthcoming. I’m definitely on board for it!

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The Cleansing

J.M.Tompkins is a brilliant and talented author. You will never be disappointed if you pick up one of her books. This novel again is written superbly bringing one more set of players. Great novel! It pulled me in from beginning to end and held my attention. The world building is detailed and imaginative. This novel has strong, well-developed characters and an interesting story line that keeps you turning the pages. I recommend this novel and would read more novels by this author.

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Can so few words convey the meaning of the word Dystopian? In one word– Yes. Before you read this novella–and you should definitely read it–look up the definition.

A vignette of a story. A glimpse into a future where to get by is to conform without questioning, in a setting custom made for just such a thing, the military. And not just the military, but in the claustrophobic confines of an aging submarine. But then not–now you’ve been thrown into a wide open deserving(?) human wasteland you might be able to identify with–a destroyed/diminished North Korea.

But then, there is the definition of that word…we all must make our own choices, or get lost in someone elses.

I very much enjoyed this short poignant read, you will too.

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